Enter if you dare!

Let’s start off on the right foot this year. And at home, let’s give your guests and family the best opportunity to come in on the right foot… You set the tone at your home. Let’s talk about your entryway!

Keep it neat and tidy! Make sure the weeds are pulled and edges are trimmed. If there’s a crack in the material of the hardscaping, patch or replace it!

Choose a welcoming color! Keep it fresh. Keep it clean. Maybe add an interesting knocker or wreath. If you do a little research, you’ll find very stylish wreaths and swag for your door. If your door is special, maybe consider hanging something to the side of your door rather than on it. It really depends on the door and space you have at the entryway, but at minimum paint and door decoration is a must!

Change it with the seasons! If you have a double door, be sure to use a double-width doormat so that the full width of the door opening is covered by the mat. If the mat gets tattered or discolored, replace it. Again it’s a fun thing to change out with the seasons and holidays. We’ve also seen a lot of people doing double doormats, where they do a thin slightly larger rug under the doormat as an accent ~ super charming.

Plants indicate life, newness and growth. Any kind of plants that you can set on the porch or at the door or maybe on the steps leading to the porch/door are a great idea. Plants are something you should absolutely change with the season and if there is a blossom on the plant, coordinate it with the colors you’re using on the front porch and door. Plants are one of the greatest things you can do to liven up your entryway!

Arms wide open. Head to the sky! Best foot forward… May everyone who darkens your doorstep in 2021 bring light. And may your efforts to create a beautiful and welcoming entryway inspire them to do so.

Bring it, 2021!

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