And is beautiful.

Aaaaaaand never more appreciated than now.  

Interestingly similar to nature, houses come in all shapes and sizes. One style of house or even size of house is not more valuable than another.

Gone are the days where the bigger your house the more expensive your house. Fun fact: the cost per square foot actually has an inverse relationship to the size of a home.

What matters is its location, use of space within its layout and the overall condition and modern amenities of the home. People love houses the same way they love people… They meet the house and within moments, they connect. People love small houses with amazing charm. People love big houses that need to be completely updated ~ allowing just enough opportunity to “make it their own”.

While, again, it’s the cost per square foot that you must to focus on! What are houses in that particular area or neighborhood selling for based on a cost per square foot analysis? How much does a house that needs to be completely renovated sell for on a cost per square foot basis? What’s the highest recent sale calculated by cost per square foot and what’s the lowest? What’s the average? From there, you can determine if the house you are considering is priced true to market value, above or below.

Key takeaway: Size simply doesn’t matter the way it did in the 1980s or 1990s for example. A recent study that we dug into in detail shows that houses near a walkable town, offering public transportation and less than 3,000sf will be where all real estate will thrive ~ nationally.

We’d say it’s fair to argue that the world has found fantastic balance on this topic. More now than ever, home is valued based on a true expression of your unique family’s needs and personality. Rather than making a statement of success or status. Bravo, America. Bravo!

If you have questions about the value of your unique four walls, we are ready to answer and advise.

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