What We Believe

We exist to right the wrongs in real estate

A home is often the most significant purchase of your lifetime. It should be trusted only to a proven professional agency. Unfortunately, most real estate agents work part-time, and brokers do not provide the support and structure to properly manage transactions. It is an incredible disservice to the public.

For decades, the real estate industry has allowed anyone with a license to represent the sale or purchase of real estate. Having a license to sell real estate doesn’t even begin to cover the experience and education required to properly and respectfully help a consumer buy or sell a home. It is a complex process that requires a team of skilled professionals and dedicated departments.

Agent06 was founded in 2012 to build strength where there is weakness in the industry’s process. Armed with stellar talent and impressive business minds, we strive daily to serve our clients with integrity and live up to our company culture and mission to elevate the real estate transaction for all.

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