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A proven system with powerful results

When you hire Agent06, you are choosing a progressive agency as we have created an assembly line approach, where your Sales Associate is your primary point of contact serving as your personal real estate concierge. Our Sales Associates are supported by a team of specialists using our proprietary ‘Six Steps to Sold’ process to manage each stage of the transaction’s lifecycle from Sales to to Processing to Settlement. We are highly experienced and skilled professionals fully committed to your home purchase.

We have created a boutique environment to foster open communication and a personalized style of service by guiding you through your Six Non-Negotiables, where your Sales Associate helps you truly hone your ideas and identify the characteristics that define your home search priorities. All discussions regarding your bid are handled through our unique Digital Offer Communications process where the message, reasoning and support for your offer are made clear to all parties, with the added benefit of being date and time stamped for proof of delivery.

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