These two words will change your life… Psychic. Clutter.

When we are preparing a home for market, we explain to our clients that it’s not about design in preparation. Rather it’s about clarity. The more neutral and clear a space is, the easier it is for a buyer to consider their life inside those four walls.

This is true for the buyer as much as it is for you. Do you really need to wait until you’re selling your home to achieve that level of clarity? In fact, do you think it could it help you think more clearly and live a better life? It’s possible. In fact, it’s probable.

The clutter and lack of organization in your home leads to emotional and psychological fogginess. Why not give yourself the leg up and keep a less cluttered home? Again you don’t need to sell your home to get it decluttered and on point. The following is a list of the things that you can do now for yourself and when it’s time to sell…you’ll be ready.

1. Minimize the number of framed art/photos and canvases on each wall. Art is meant to highlight the space not cover every inch. Less items on the walls creates a more peaceful room for you and again, a buyer considering your home needs to be able to very easily imagine how their furniture and art would fit in that room. Too much in the room and on the walls confuses the buyer’s thought process. Let’s make it easy on them!

2. Each room should feature three or four pieces of furniture laid out in a way that leaves plenty of space for more than one person to move around the room. No one wants to live in a tight space or feel confined. It’s just not good for anyone’s mind or spirit! As far as a buyer is concerned, the room needs to feel spacious and following this rule allows the buyer to immediately feel good about the space and realize that their furniture would fit in that space with ease.

3. Assign drawers, baskets and bins for putting things away. Everything should have a home! Instead of letting things pile up in a junk drawer or box somewhere, take the time to allocate where those toys or papers belong and then do your best week to week to ensure those items get to their place. Knowing where everything is keeps you from spending money on things you don’t need. And if you’re selling your home, those items just can’t be laying around when the house is being shown…some is confidential and hey, a messy space clutters the thoughts of the buyer. We don’t want that!

Three simple ways to eliminate psychic clutter for you and everyone who enters. We hope you embrace these ideas and put them to work!

If you have further questions and want to consult with us… You know where to find us!

Clear the path! Nothin’ but blue skies ahead…

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