A village of variety who find common ground and achieve unity…community!

As you prepare for the holiday season, give some thought to people in your community who are in genuine need of support.

Love makes a house a home. It’s also what makes a town a community. A love for all shapes, styles and sizes of people… Now, that’s community.

There are many people who will not have a warm meal on their plate or gifts under their tree. There are many families who cannot afford to celebrate these holidays to which so many of us look forward all year long and lavish our families in celebration and gifts when the special time arrives.

Below, we have listed a few organizations that would truly appreciate and responsibly use your support this season:

  1. http://www.camdenkroccenter.org/give.html
  2. http://www.urbanpromiseusa.org/donate
  3. https://www.cathedralkitchen.org/giving-opportunities/

Love your neighbor. Care for those in need. Everyone deserves to enjoy a beautiful holiday and to give thanks. For some, your generosity and commitment to share may be what inspires thanksgiving. A small thing you do could actually be enormous to a family in need.

We hope you take a few minutes and a few dollars to spread holiday cheer by loving your community.

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