Family-owned. Generational entrepreneurs. Dreamers. Fighters. America.

They need you. Stand up and stand in the gap for these families as you shop for the holidays. Their goods are better than big box and your dollars do far more when spent them ~ you aren’t just buying a gift. You are connecting our community. Your purchase drives their future. The ripple effect is real ~ locally and beyond.

» What downtown shopping experiences have you missed or wanted to include this season?
» Whose shop or company have you heard of and have hoped to patron but haven’t yet?
» When can you schedule time over these upcoming weeks to visit local shops to seek out some treasures?
» Where can you go? Who can you support? Why buy anywhere else???
» Why not get giftcards for friends and families to return to those places after the holidays?

Be a giver in every way! This way is so much bigger than we could ever say… To walk a mile in a family-owned business’ shoes… Let’s carry them! Locals only – the people of the community are the only way forward. It’s an awesome responsibility.

Start a movement. Spread the word. Show others how…tell them, encourage them to do the same. Support your local families’ shops, stores and services. When you stand in the gap, they stand on your shoulders. Locals bring community to life. This is community in action!

Happy holidays for all, friends.

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