What agent do I choose? What can I afford? How much money do I have to put down? Do I even have to put money down?

These are all major questions that most, if not all, first-time homebuyers are asking themselves!

Being a first-time homebuyer can be downright SCARY! WE GET IT! You feel like you don’t know where to begin! So many questions, so many concerns, fears and emotions. Afterall, a home purchase IS most likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make! We’re here to tell you that what you’re thinking and feeling about the home buying process is all TOTALLY normal and we’re here to help!!

When you’ve made the decision to buy a home, the first place you turn is to the internet! You begin the process with searching for a realtor. One that has glowing reviews and a 5-star rating…shortly after you hit “enter” BOOM! There’s Agent06! 

When you select an agency like Agent06, you receive white-glove service from start to finish. Our sales associates will guide you and steer you, with the knowledge you need, so that any fears you’re having are diminished and you can focus on what’s really important…like buying new furniture for your new home!! 😉

When you work with Agent06, we have a list of preferred lenders who will guide you and help you understand how much home you can afford, what mortgage programs would work best for you, how much money you should put down, and what your monthly payments will be. Once again, knowing all of this information, upfront, helps to quell any fears and sets you up for success when the time comes to put in that first offer!!

When you do have your offer accepted, our team of experts, in our processing department, will then guide you through the next phases. Whether it’s finding a home inspector, interpreting a home inspection report, signing documents, WHATEVER it may be, everything will be explained fully and taken care of so that once again, you don’t have to WORRY!!

Fear is what holds a lot of people back from doing great things in life. We don’t want it to hold you back from buying a home. When you have trust, fear turns into excitement and joy versus stress and apprehension.

Have no fear, Agent06 is here!! Let us handle the stress while you enjoy the rest! It’s the Agent06 way! 😊

Talk soon!!

~ Kelsey

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