Old school is new again.

Remember when your thoughts centered on the simple? Like… What’s for lunch? Who’s the new girl? When’s the next game?

Things are interestingly simple again. These new and unusual times have brought us back to walks around the block, sticking closer as a family and spending more time at home thinking about the mundane. Like I said… What is for lunch? And yes please… Do tell! When is the next game (we can actually attend)?

It’s still exists and wow is it more palpable in so many areas of our lives today than ever! Alas! Real estate remains simple. The transaction can have unexpected twists and turns but if you keep it simple and:

1. Secure a pre-approval in advance
2. Remember that a property is not sold until settlement takes place. It’s a long road from signed contract to closing. Hang tough!
3. Trust an experienced agent (in our case, agency) to see you through the transaction, because it is deceivingly complicated.

You can win big in this very hot market.

There’s never been a better time to sell a home. It’s an amazing market out there. Keep it simple and jump in!

It’s funny how the world changes and we see it all so differently in an instant. Things you’ve dreamed of are the things you are ready to do now. It’s all really so simple. Leap! We’ll catch you. What’s simpler than that?

Here’s to the simple things, friends!

– Agent06

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