Together: It’s the best way to do anything.

As you prepare to buy a home, do like you do with the most basic of purchases, such as grocery shopping… Begin with the end in mind! And join forces to determine one list that covers what everyone needs.

A home is the MOST SIGNIFICANT purchase of your lifetime, so let’s give our best unified efforts for this! Are you with me? Okay, let’s do this right!

If you start any grocery shopping experience with some sort of combined list, we must have the same (though far more focused) for a home. If you’re a couple shopping, as is usually the case, the following key ideas will save you so much heartache and frustration. Trust us! There’s no better way to do this.

There are a few critical ideas you must commit to in advance of beginning your search that you simply will not compromise. These are the things your new house must have (or not have) in order for it to be the right fit. And here’s how to work together to get clear on this as a team…

  1. You must each individually write a list of home features that are important to you. This list is for your eyes only. Once complete, you will sit side-by-side and compare your personal lists.
  2. When reviewing your lists, you’ll be surprised at the commonalities and the differences! Start to determine what similarities you share and begin your final/combined list with those items.
  3. Now it’s time to have the “battle royale” over what will make the final list of non-negotiables and what must be cut. This is your opportunity to talk it out…debate “what really matters”…and come to a unified position on the final list for your new home together.
  4. Our clients agree to a final joined list of 6 non-negotiables, while you may elect to narrow it down to 10 or some other reasonable number that works for you. It’s paramount that the list is short and manageable.
  5. You may edit the list as you go through the process. While, if you start with a strong and focused list, there will be very little to edit or change. Doing the thinking up front and having the tough conversations in advance make all the difference in the world and ensure a fun process for you. Most importantly, you’ll make a fantastic decision together!!
  6. As you move through the search/offer process, you’ll scrub each house against your list. It helps you think less emotionally and more clearly about the home so that you maintain clarity on the type of home and required characteristics that will work for your life over the coming years.

Success! It really is so sweet when you follow a proven plan and trusted professionals who can give you this kind of guidance that yields the best results for you. We bring awesome value to you, because we have systems and wisdom to share. Anyone can unlock a door! But not just anyone has the tricks of the trade that make the experience not just positive but remarkable! Hmmmm…

Hang with us, kid! We’ve got the process to take you from dreamer to winner in real estate. Stop dreaming and take action with Agent06.

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