And love is home.

Isn’t it funny how we elevate home to a status symbol or simplify it to just be shelter? Everyone is guilty of one or the other at some point in this lifetime ~ for different reasons and due to various circumstances.

These extremes exist culturally all around the world. Valuing and admonishing the status of home at too high a level or living with the simple appreciation for a shelter of any kind.

What we know for sure is that house values are socially driven in America. The price of a home in the marketplace can rise or fall based on the social status of an area or neighborhood. It’s interesting how social norms or “what is fashionable” impacts the actual market value of a home.

For those who have experienced it or hope to create it, beyond status and shelter, there is this very special “sweet spot”… Love. It’s the experiences we share inside those four walls – regardless if they are barely standing or vaulted and painted or papered in the finest of fine. It’s the memories we make. It’s the children we raise. It’s the marriages we nurture. It’s the friendships we host. And the combination of all of this beauty that is best summed up as “home is love”. Love is what makes a house a home. And it is priceless.

There’s no denying that your home is your single greatest investment… This is true for most families in America. It is the one thing that you own that normally has a value greater than any other thing you own.

We are pausing as we kick off this month of love to address a deeper reality about home and that is that it actually is priceless. Home is love. Love is home! Make no mistake about it… No amount of money has ever or will ever buy home. Only love can make a home. Love is not a form of currency, so in many ways home cannot be bought or sold. A sobering “month of love” reality check… Interesting to ponder, isn’t it?

Happy February, friends!

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