Three years ago, my husband and I began our journey relocating from Burlington, Ontario to New Jersey. The challenge of choosing a township or borough in which to live was real! Without much direction, we ultimately settled in Haddonfield which has turned out to be the perfect choice!  Haddonfield offers tree lined streets, a fabulous downtown with quaint shops and amazing restaurants. Kings Road brewery and William Heritage winery are great for an afternoon/evening with friends and family. And, not to be overlooked, the home of Agent06 at 17 Mechanic Street! 

Often, a client is looking for a lot of the characteristics that a town like Haddonfield has to offer, but they’re also looking for other characteristics like a good school system, proximity to an airport, a beach or simply a park for children or a dog to run and play.   That’s why, when narrowing down a client’s search for a home, we use our perfected proprietary document called the, SIX NON-NEGOTIABLES.  We ask our clients to give us the 6 specifics, in a home, that they just can’t live without…and almost always this includes proximity to…you fill in the blank!😉  From there, WE handle the rest to streamline, simplify and de-stress the home buying process for YOU! Are you thinking about what your SIX NON-NEGOTIABLES would be???


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