Buyers…you’re ready, you’re excited, you want to start looking for a home…but WAIT, do it the right way and schedule a Buyer Consultation! It’s guaranteed to streamline the home-buying process and set you up for success!!

You may be a first-time homebuyer or maybe this is your second or third time around the block-either way, having a consultation will help not only you, but it will help your realtor get to know you better so that he or she can hone in on exactly what will be best for YOU!

At Agent06, we always schedule a Buyer Consultation, first and foremost. It can be done via zoom or in our Haddonfield office.  This is where we learn your home-buying goals, timeline, preference areas, and what you can expect from Agent06!

It’s really that simple and effective. Pick up the phone – call Agent06 – set up your consultation TODAY and WHAM BAM we are on our way to finding you your dream home!!

BUY SMART – BUY with Agent06!!


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