Buying real estate in today’s market is a tricky dance. It can be an even trickier dance if you are thinking about purchasing an investment property. What you need is the right dance partner who takes the lead and shows you the benefits of owning an investment property…Then, there will be no doubt about making your purchase, and it will quickly become your jam! 😉 

The benefits to investing in real estate are endless, especially when it comes to an investment property. Investment properties can be a wonderful way to earn secondary income or passive income. This extra cash flow can allow for extra savings-giving you more financial stability and even financial freedom which, in the end, reduces your anxiety over your future.

Common investment property types include beach/vacation properties that you can lease out during the summer months and even enjoy for yourself in the “off season” or take a week or two for you and/or your family! Other types of properties include single family homes, purchasing a home that already has tenants in place OR, purchasing a duplex! Rent one unit to cover the mortgage and live in the other! THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS!!! 

A couple more benefits of owning an investment property include tax breaks and deductions. Deducting reasonable costs of owning and operating a rental property can save you money during tax time! Also, you are able to build equity! Paying down your mortgage means you gain equity. Therefore, allowing you to leverage that money in order to buy more properties, increase cash flow and build even more wealth!

Our team is very experienced when it comes to the “inner workings” of owning an investment property. We have numerous clients who continue to work with Agent06 on multiple investment property purchases. Some of our clients are already reaping the benefits and growing their portfolios and allowing their money to work for them in today’s market!

If you’re ready to “bust a move,” your partners at Agent06 are ready to “rock and roll”!! 



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