My name is Tina Tropea, and I am a Sales Associate with Agent06.

Who doesn’t LOVE TO SHOP? I mean, YAAAAAS! Companies like Amazon have made the shopping process convenient and fast, however the quality of the items you receive often aren’t as impressive as you’d hope.

Enter the boutique experience. Boutiques fill a need Amazon simply cannot. Amazon is functional and useful when we know what we want, however it does not address the shopping experience. How a product is delivered. How it makes you feel! These nuances can be more important than the product itself. Boutiques are successful because they offer so much more than “a product”.

When you inspire customers, they don’t just buy your product or service, they buy the experience. They buy memories. You should expect the same when selling and buying a home. Nothing less!

The boutique experience is actually what a lot of people really love about us… And no matter how big we get as a company we will always maintain the boutique experience and white-glove service. It’s who we are!

So, what can you expect from your boutique experience with Agent06?

  • Elevated Expertise –We are a boutique in the way we service a client through our proprietary Power Six Program. We have formed an intimate team to oversee each phase of the transaction. We are very in-depth and hands-on as each stage of the transaction has been assigned to a department or specialist. Every detail is critical and carefully managed.
  • Collaborative Core –Our team is more than just co-workers; we are family. When you hire us, you hire all of us. Our systems. Our process. Our values. Our commitment to you is an all-encompassing cultural thing at Agent06. If you become your environment, you want to be in it!
  • Service In-Sync! –You become part of the family! Every client is cherished. Every relationship is real. As clients become friends, and naturally friends become clients, we stay in relationships as the years pass. We celebrate life together, invite you to our events and are always on deck for each new chapter of life. It’s all about the heartwork we put into this business. Heart work over hard work! Both are important but it’s the heart that matters most. Can you hear the faint cry of the fans cheering RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! Or is it just me? 😉
  • Concierge Connections –One of the greatest perks of using our specialized company is our internal advocacy and relocation services for corporations. Our white-glove service is something only our boutique firm can perform. As an extension of a company’s Human Resources department, we serve their employees the same kind of high touch attention their own staff gives internally. As a result, we have relationships and insight only gained by special relationships like this. Everybody wins!

Our 06 family looks forward to making memories with you!


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