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Agent06 is your real estate concierge

Human capital is the greatest asset of any company.  Human Resource Departments are organized to serve the needs of the people, especially with regard to life events.  If there is a loss of life…  The birth of a baby…  When facing a major illness or injury… 

Dealing with real estate and the uprooting of your home and life is an overlooked and underestimated life event. The stress of the real estate process is as significant as any we have mentioned so far. 

Corporations offer insurances, medical solutions, various paid time off but focus minimal resources to supporting employees with their single greatest asset — their home. And isn’t your home the very reason you work? 

Agent06 is your your personal real estate concierge. We assist your employees with all of their real estate needs using our proprietary systems to eliminate this stress from their lives making for a happier employee, which results in a far more productive employee. 

At Agent06 we have created an assembly-line approach with a 72-step workflow where each phase of the transaction is managed by a specialist or a department of our company. Our concierge services and company approach relieve the burden and risk for your employees and protect their financial interests. 

At no cost to your organization, we assign a liaison from our company to yours who your staff can contact at any time. Your Agent06 concierge will answer questions regarding market conditions, property values, the buying process and pros and cons of listing or selling your home at any given time. 

Our business model is to partner with corporations and their Human Resources departments to support their employees. We have had tremendous success with this model representing such organizations as the Philadelphia Flyers, Holman Enterprises and Lincoln Financial to name a few.

You can request a meeting with our Owner/CEO to meet in-person to learn more about our services. Get scheduled with us now! There are few life events as challenging as buying and selling real estate. We would love to make the lives of your employees easier and be your real estate concierge. 

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